Date Movie… just how knowing do we want to be?

Wikipedia on Jacque DerridaFeaturing, as it does, characters like Mr & Mrs Fonckyerdoder and assorted bachelorettes, Date Movie isn’t a film I’ll be going to see any time soon. I’ve no doubt it’ll go down well with the target audience, but I’m fed up.

At first sight, all this Deconstruction is ever so inclusive. The audience is made to feel it knows as much – perhaps more – about the movie making and marketing processes as the filmmaker. That kind of devalues the science and art of filmmaking, but more importantly it helps perpetuate the myth that everyone has a great film inside them. If that were true there would be no rubbish films out there, but more than that it perpetuates the worst aspects of celebrity culture.

There’s a sense that the celebrity to which so many aspire is actually within easy grasp and we could all be famous if we put just a little effort in. Yet that can never be true. Should we all blame Jacques?

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