Daily Mail has it in for Cameron’s Obama-lite photographer

Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron shares a joke with Joss Stone backstage after launching Tickets for Troops at The O2David Cameron loves to imitate Barack Obama, not his politics, but the whole image thing. It’s all about rhetorical devices like, ‘A policy on Europe that people can believe in’ that don’t stand up to the lightest scrutiny.

An important element of the Obama mimicking is having official photographer, Andrew Parsons, follow him around taking pics of the would-be PM striking a series of statesman like poses, like this one here. Andrew Parsons gets behind the scenes access and his work is shared on Flickr. Bloggers like me are free to use the pics, which is great. (Although I couldn’t find one of David Cameron with Liam Fox, founder of the Atlantic Bridge.)

But what is especially good, is that this sort of thing gets right up the Daily Mail’s nose. Dave posing in the Field of Remembrance has provoked a ferocious attack on the Tory leader. Using your own photographer, claims the Mail, is evidence that you are more style than substance.

‘The Tory leader’s behaviour was in marked contrast to that of Gordon Brown,’ says the Daily Mail, ‘One television crew and a photographer recorded images from at least 30ft away.The prime minister does not use his own photographer.’

Yet, just to show what a funny week it is — a week in which Tory MPs have queued up to tell the Telegraph’s chief political commentator they feel sorry for Gordon Brown — my sympathy is with Dave.

Sure Andrew Parsons’ pics can be a bit cheesy at times, but it’s good that he’s there and I can certainly see myself making use of the Tories’ Flickr photostream.

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