David Davis bids for Kilroy’s leftovers

Tory leadership contender David Davis appears to making a bid for the remnants of what was Kilroy-Silk’s Veritas. Now the ex-TV presenter’s given up, he’s urging the government to ‘build a single nation’ and demand ‘respect for the British way of life’. Conservative Home reports that rival David Cameron is falling over himself to catch up. He’s promising to reverse human rights legislation that stops the deportation of suspects to countries where they’ll face torture or execution.

This all plays well to the home crowd, with Tim of an Englishman’s Castle offering the fair summary: ‘fit in or f*** off!’ [swearing makes Google Ads disappear]. And its good news for anti-Tories as there are no votes to the right (which is why Kilroy quit). So hopefully Davis or Cameron will win.

There’s a romanticised elegy to a particular strand of Englishness to be found within that same castle. It’s an interesting piece because the romanticism is suddenly broken. Tim’s sub-culture is being forced to fit in with a now more a more dominant English value: that inflicting cruelty on animals for fun is wrong. The elegy places the Church of England at the heart of the countryman’s sub-culture, yet in Manchester only two per cent find a role for the church at Christmas. There’s no doubting Tim’s an Englishman, but Mancunians are English too and with country dwellers forming such a small minority, they should be wary of calls to ‘fit in or f*** off’ with ‘a single nation [and] British way of life’. They’ll likely to find the dominant English culture is far removed from their own.

3 thoughts on “David Davis bids for Kilroy’s leftovers

  1. A quick point the banning of fox hunting was nothing to do with the banning of cruelty – (though some might like to imagine it was).
    My elegy of a blog only speaks for myself and not for the urban majority, as such I have no doubt I am out of touch of all you happy hip Mancunians. I am sure you recognised my teasing of Mr Davies oversimplified solution; but there is an essential truth there. Fitting in doesn’t mean being the same, it means me not walking into your tidy Mancunian home with my shit covered wellies on nor you complaining my pigs smell if you come to visit. It means tolerance, the question is where does tolerance have sensible boundaries.

  2. PS I’m pleased to see that the lure of Google’s money proves stronger tha the desire for free expression! We will make a capitalist out of you yet.

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