David Davis’s rut

David Davis has no lieutenant more loyal than his former chief of staff Iain Dale. So devoted is Dale, he comically defended his hero’s record on gay rights – questioned after Davis attended Dale’s civil partnership ceremony – with: ‘if he had to vote on it again, he might [just might!?] vote in a different way’.

Now the cheerleader has his pom-poms out to assure us that David Davis won’t be a single issue MP. Sadly for Davis, he’s unlikely to escape that rut.

Politicians tend to overestimate the public’s awareness of them. It may come as a shock to the not-so-great-man, but few people will have much idea of what he stands for; for the minority that does have an impression of David Davis, this ineffective stunt will be it.

For a little while, he’ll be a journalists’ go-to guy for comment on civil liberties, but nobody will be at all interested in what he has to say on anything else. And that’s an embarrassment given his dodgy record on gay issues, support for hanging, the repeal of the human rights act and 28 day detention; he’s not radical enough to speak for this lobby long term. Barring another bizarre event, obscurity beckons. What a tit.

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