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Click to see ‘Debbie McGee Models’ in a variety of different sizes I’m sure Debbie McGee Models is perfectly legitimate, but charging £125 a throw to any naive young dreamer who happens to turn up at a nice city centre hotel sounds a bit much to me.

According to the website some fool wrote to Debbie’s famous husband, Paul Daniels, to ask if it was a scam. Goodness knows where they got that idea.
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  1. I met Debbie McGee once and she was very nice to my son – who at the time was a keen magician.
    So as far as I am concerned she can do no wrong.

  2. i paid the £125 for my daughter must be over a year ago now, and not heared anything since

  3. I understand that Debbie McGee has no longer any interest in her agency and therefore is no longer connected with it; but she does not want to refund those who trusted in her name, when joining the agency…

    I would like to hear from anyone who has paid a fee to this agency, see my website for details.

    From 6 April 2008 there will be a 7 day cooling off period when you pay these up-front fees; but the agency is under no obligation to tell you that you have such a right…


    Clive Hurst

  4. Both Debbie and Paul are nice people when you meet them. I too paid £125 to join for my daughter, but has anyone actually worked out the thousands of pounds they are making from the hundreds who turn up to join at each very nice hotel which no doubt we have paid for them to stay in?
    Perhaps they can well afford to be nice to your face, but they and other scammers are breaking hearts, as my daughter never received anything from them.
    They have certainly no respect from us anymore.

  5. yep us too got stung, thought we had a lagit company cos we have been stung before. My daughter went to York, we paid £150, yep she was there to greet us and seemed nice but then when we had questions to ask after we paid!! she had no time cos her mum and dad turned up. I think these people need showing up, when you think about how much money she must have made from this scam just because shes been on telly, just makes me sick. We heard nothing until about a month ago, A letter, saying she was no longer running the company and someone eles had took over but you had to pay a joining fee surprise surprise!!!

  6. What consistently amazes me is that people are consistently amazed at this sort of thing happening. Until the relevant legislation is promulgated, therefore tightening the screw on these scam merchants, then companies such as those run by McGee – inter alia – will continue to get away with it.

    They prey on the dreams of parents whose children are often (at the risk of being mercilessly cruel from an aesthetic perspective)simply not good looking enough to work in an increasingly competitive industry.

    Sorry, but that’s the nub of it.

    I do wonder precisely what kind of dream McGee and her cronies were peddling, given some of the kids on her sight. Sorry to be cruel and unforgiving, but there you go.

    The best agencies out there charge nothing or very little, but they’re
    also very selective since they’re not charities. If they take your kid on it’s because they know they’ll get them editorial and/or tv work.

    They keep the numbers low accordingly because of their strict selction criteria, but this means potentially more work for your child.

    McGee wasn’t shy about flagging her name as leverage in fast-tracking her way into the industry. Tis a pity that she’s suddenly turned shy when genuine accountability is needed for her actions.

  7. the reason all these people didnt get work could be for a number of reasons.. debbie never promised anyone work, as no agent does! the £125 is so you can appear on the book, have photos taken, and be on the website so that you can be seen by employers. I certainly got work from debbie on 2 or 3 ocasions so whoever said it was a scam must have just been unluck! debbie pushed her company as much as she could and whenever she rang about my jobs it seemed like she was sick of the business although she was very forthcoming.

    lovely people paul and debbie are! those without work were just unlucky!

  8. I went to the doncaster recruiting, i already had a portfolio so she only charged me £50. After that day I heard nothing from her apart from when she sent me a picture of me on her website which i had already given her!!
    I think initially Debbie may have had good intentions, but now i think that she is a very rude and inconsiderate person. Even if there was no work for someone they should still keep in regular contact with that person out of common decency and the fact that half the girls that turn up to these things turn up with such high expectations just to have their dreams shattered in such a cruel way.
    If Debbie Mcgee ever reads this…which i doubt she will but if she does…i want my £50 back!!!!

  9. I naively went to that modelling day and paid alot of money. Stupidly fell for what they were offering. I waited for ages for a reply for any modelling jobs and never got one, i later received a letter telling me that she was no longer doing the modelling agency, and basically it was tough. I was not impressed. I agree with the person above.

  10. Being a photographer in the modeling industry I can safely say their are worse companies out there.

    No matter what industry your in, if you have employed an agent their is no guarantee of anyone finding work.

    You can not expect an agent to work magic to get roles for everyone. It is a demanding industry and such whereby you can be picked up and dropped in seconds by employers.

    I think people are a bit harsh on the name of both Debbie and Paul for this reason. If you want to do anything in this life you have to work and work at promoting yourself as well as keeping in touch with all your own contacts.

    Agencies are merely a location for employers to pick and choose their needs and sadly it is based on image and a gimmick which has been pushed by TV shows such as X-factor and Britain’s got Talent.

    It is very much the way the industry works and I cannot think of one agency which would be any the different. Fame and fortune doesn’t come from just sitting back and letting other promote you. You have to do your fair share too while giving an agency a place for professions to view “talent”.

    Really, honestly, show business and modeling are the hardest and most frustrating industries not to mention competitive.

    If you paid for any agency and was given false promises I am sorry but no one like advertising can guarantee you fame and fortune.

    If you feel hard done by then you need to see you did not make the grade or you really weren’t that bothered about getting out their too.

    I have clients that come to me with their daughters aged 14 upwards and it is sad to see that 99 out of 100 will never have their dream come true in any shape or form. The rest may either give up or get fame more locally.

    My advice is if you want to do well, sign up with one agency and be getting yourself out their as much as possible. TFP/CD photoshoots are the way to get your face seen and your name out their. Take anything and everything, within age restriction of course.

    Regards agencies. Look for an agency that has faces you recognize, not just someone local or based on price.

  11. i auditioned (i guess u could say) when they were at the roundhouse hotel, my mother thought it would be a fun experiece, we were a bit astonished at the fee but went along with it. we met paul and debbie and they seemed decent people… after a year we had heard nothing but then gained a phone call from debbie herself with some lame apology about how different people look for different things in a model and they were going to cast me, but the contract fell through etc. i wasn’t in floods but quite taken aback… i was 8.

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