Deidre’s Video Casebook… ITV eat your heart out!

Deidre’s video casebookWho needs ITV when Deidre’s Casebook is now available online and for free from The Sun… on video!

A few years ago a colleague and I made a point of reading Deidre’s casebook every lunchtime. These shorts capture the spirit of the newspaper strip perfectly with real life problems like; ‘I really should rush upstairs and make love to her, but lately I just can’t be bothered’. Pity the poor husband who asks ‘how about a quickie?’ only to get ‘it’s the wrong time’ from a woman who spends all day lazing around in her undies. (In Deidre’s world, women never get dressed in the house.)

We all know how quickly, ‘I need some water, I’ll have to knock on some doors,’ develops into ‘a cup to tea would be nice’ (thinks: ‘is that an invitation for something more?’)… Coronation Street stars and scriptwriters are quaking in their boots.

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