Dimmela by Jackiey

DIMMELA by JACKIEYThose who’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother cannot help but be amazed by the apparent stupidity of the Goody family. Never has more compelling evidence been presented in support of the idea that intelligence is inherited*. But what more complete cover could there be for a (very) secretly shrewd operator estimated to be worth £8m thanks to a business empire that includes fitness videos for those who want to look like her and perfume for those who wish to smell like her? (And four times as many people want to smell like Jade as David Beckham.)

Now watch the mother, Jackiey Goody (note: the use of ‘ie’ and ‘y’ just to sure), getting the boot from Celebrity Big Brother. We all laugh as she asks: ‘What’s a Dimmela?’

But a trip to the perfume counter of any posh department store reveals Jackiey Goody knows exactly what a Dimmela is. Go buy some, you know you want to be just like her.
*Although I’m still a firm believer in nurture over nature and would argue Jade and Jackiey Goody have been brought up in the same limiting sub-culture and so have developed similar personalities and values. This equally anecdotal piece on adoption, makes the case for nurture.

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