Disappearing car parks & the public transport mirage

Parking in Manchester used to be really easy, but this year getting into town became impossible. On street parking was greatly restricted and many car parks built over. It can take forty minutes to find a space and that’s when you know where to look. If you don’t know the city, you’ll likely to be confronted with a barrage of road signs for car parks that no longer exist and diversions that cross paths. Yet, last night I was able to drive home after seeing The Incredibles at the Filmworks in less than twenty minutes. It’s only possible to replace that twenty minute drive with a forty-five minute bus journey and that service is infrequent and unreliable.

Manchester feels transport policy failure – including government’s refusal to invest – so acutely because of its incredibly successful regeneration. The city is being rebuilt to plans based on the broken promise of a modern transport system capable of cutting my journey into town to around fifteen minutes and removing the need to drive. Now that carrot’s been removed, all we have is the stick and the sustainability of regeneration is clearly under threat.
Manchester mourns end of public transport……Manchester: Original-Modern

2 thoughts on “Disappearing car parks & the public transport mirage

  1. Hm. Good to know.

    My brother’s living in Manchester so I’m going to refuse to visit him until he has a car and a way of picking me up. ;)

    We have similar problems with parking here in Nottingham and its saving grace is the excellent bus system.

  2. Yeah. That should be a ‘but’ not ‘and its saving grace’. Staring at a computer screen is affecting my brain.

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