Dominic Fisher (aka Praguetory): lonely at Christmas

Dominic Fisher (aka Praguetory) spent Christmas Day 2008, wondering around the closed shops of BirminghamAs 2008 comes to end, let’s spare a thought for Dominic Fisher (aka Praguetory) who appears to have had a rather sad and lonely Christmas: ‘Birmingham’s Kinda Quiet These Days,’ he laments as he presents four images of a quite dead Birmingham city centre. Exif data reveals this image was taken at 13.36 on 25 December 2008.

That’s right, poor sad Dominic Fisher (who blogs anonymously as Praguetory) spent lunchtime on Christmas Day wandering around the empty shopping malls of Birmingham, wondering where all the people had gone while clicking away on his Nikon D80.

Perhaps he should have stayed in Prague.

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