Douglas Alexander talks Millennium Goals in Chorlton


Turn it up! Turn it up loud!

Nearly twenty years ago, when I was the Student Liberal Democrats international officer, I ran a national campaign on third world debt. We were well ahead of our time and were frequently dismissed as irrelevent idealists.

So Gordon Brown’s clear and genuine commitment to international development has always impressed and helped persuade me to join Labour, almost ten years on from giving up on the Lib Dems.

Debt relief remains an important issue. Some countries are still paying off loans taken out by corrupt, poorly governed regimes. In many cases lenders have been irresponsible and should pay the price for that.

But the debt debate is largely won and has been rightly overtaken by the issue of trade as debt relief, like aid, can only be a short term fix.

Anyway. Here Douglas Alexander, secretary of state for international development, explains to an audience at St Ninians Church, Chorlton-cum-Hardy what the government’s doing to make sure those Millennium Goals aren’t forgotten. More podcasts to follow.
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