Dr Vernon Coleman’s cancer scare nonsense?

Click to see ‘Dr Vernon Coleman's cancer scare nonsense?’ in a variety of different sizes‘As your knife cuts into the meat you could well be cutting into a lump of cancer. The piece of meat you raise to your mouth, on the end of your fork, could well contain a tumour.’

And so this ad for Dr Vernon Coleman’s new book on cancer continues. And while I don’t eat meat, I can’t help wondering what makes Dr Vernon Coleman so keen to hint that eating cancer is a health risk to fear.

After all, any cancer cells will be long dead, and most likely cooked, before you eat them. And is eating cancer any more distasteful than eating testicles or arse?
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12 thoughts on “Dr Vernon Coleman’s cancer scare nonsense?

  1. Vernon Coleman brings together nicely the words “crack” and “pot”.

    I remember flicking through one of his books about why the EU is a rotten idea. One of his reasons to leave was because would force us to have a Catholic monarch.

  2. I think what he’s getting at is that the meat may contain the carcinogen that caused the tumour in the first place, not to mention large amounts of added substances that are not necessarily very healthy…

  3. You’re very generous BonBon. But Coleman is very clear and doesn’t mention those things. If that is what he’d meant, surely he’d have used that in his defence to the ASA?

  4. It’s a shame that Vernon Coleman (Dr dropped as he does not practice anymore) has to hide behind his publishing house because. I cannot find a way of contacting him directly. Bonbon this man is a vegetarian and is an outspoken campaigner for his belief but who is he to judge others? With canine teeth and eyes in the front of their head, the human race is designed to be hunter’s gatherers and to eat flesh. Ideology is personal.

  5. your right, it doesn’t he said that in another book, implying that the large amount of crops that are diverted into feeding meat livestock could have been used instead to feed people and that meat is mainly grown because it is more profitable in the West

  6. apparently what I said in the post before this is spam, I’m not trying to sell anything…what the fudge?

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