Dutch Pancake House: farewell

Click to see ‘Dutch Pancake House: farewell’ in a variety of different sizesWith the rather ugly building that was home to the Dutch Pancake House on the corner of St. Peter’s Square cleared for redevelopment, a Manchester institution has bitten the dust. But few will miss it.

The Dutch Pancake House was almost a great success. Huge plates of savory pancakes followed by huge plates of sweet pancakes. As cheap and simple as pizza.

But the decor seemed unchanged since the 1970s. The menu unimaginative. The giant plates were chipped. The service poor as could be.

Some places survive best in affectionate memory.

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29 thoughts on “Dutch Pancake House: farewell

  1. I’ll have to check it out… it must be a very different offer given the changed environment.

  2. Gutted that the pancake house has closed after all of these years. Yes, the menu hadn’t changed much, and no, the atmosphere wasn’t be best, but whoever I took there just loved it.

    Any news on the Arndale Centre recreation?

  3. I do not care that the plates were chipped or that the service was poor,the pancakes were huge and amazing? Anyone know where you can buy a machine to make them like that?

  4. I am very upset that the pancake house is shut
    it was my favourite restaurant.
    and i shall be looking to see if they bring it back.

  5. They were the best pancakes we’ve ever had. The critic at the top of the page knows nothing. They are indeed a cold abstraction totally devoid of all passion

  6. I loved those Pancakes. I could use them for ear warmers on those cold Manchester winter nights

  7. ‘favourite restaurant,’… ‘I loved those pancakes,’… ‘they were the best’.

    Okay. But it’s taken you more than a year to notice the place has closed!

  8. those were the best pancakes i had ever eaten – even better than the ones in holland!
    i am gutted that it has gone

  9. Actually, Donald, Goofy and I ate at the restaurant on its last day of trading so we know it has been closed for over a year! But the memories don’t fade on them morsals of heaven.

    The staff always used to play looney tunes in the background for us to make us feel more at home. We miss it a lot!

  10. The pancakes sold in the arndale are not from the same company, i had one from the andale and got mild food poisoning so i wouldn’t bother. I did however have the best pancake in ages from a stall on the fine food market at st Ann’s square in october,i think its there in the summer also.

  11. the guy that wrote that piece about the pancake house sucks balls.
    i used to be a chef there and everything about the place was excellent!!
    the plates were chipped cause we used to throw them at picky cunts like him!

  12. the place itself was the best of the worst however the pancakes were to die for!

  13. I cant beleive the dutch pancake house has gone!! devo’d admittedly I’ve only just found this out but it was a childhood memory of my family going there as a treat as it was my dads favourite place but we didnt live local.

    It will be sorely missed and yes this didnt look lik the best place but it was all about the pancakes and the whole thing was awesome!!!

    I wanted to take my dad there again as a treat but now im gutted that thats never gonna happen now =0(

  14. The DPHouse had the ability to be a truly fantastic restaurant. The staff attitude was split some were pleasant and welcoming and others looked at you as if you were spoiling their day as you went down the steps into the place. The menu improved towards the end of its existence offering extra’s as well as the excellent pancakes. However, the decor was tired and grubby and you could almost hear the owners thoughts which must have been “I don’t care how the place looks, or about the customers…. I’m not spending any money on it” Maybe a wise move seeing as though the building is earmarked for redevelopment but no excuse for all the years they were there previously… Shame on the owner to let such a unique restaurant run down so much… =( I would have rather paid a bit more money to help pay for the upkeep of the aesthetics for this establishment which had great potential.

  15. im really hungry now. im going to make pancakes, with bacon and tomatoes and cheese and ham and lettuce and onions and sweetcorn!

  16. omg im so sad its pancake day and no pancake house, i last went when i was 13, and i loved it sooooo much ='( and now i have a child and he is missing out big time!!!! bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. How anyone can say a word against it is beyond me, the ham and pineapple and the grizzly bear were to die for, always had good music (David Gray, Stereophonics etc) on from what I can remember, and the rhubarb and custard sweet with the bill topped it all off.

  18. Pancake day tomorrow & we’ll be doing our best to recreate some of its classics!
    It was fab! The end of a few family days in the 70s or 80s and the start of a few big nights out in the 90s.
    I’d go back tomorrow (and other days) if it was still there.
    Ahh nostalgia…. & I’d still want the ancient old decor, not smartened up and made to look loke a vodka bar.

  19. “I’d go back tomorrow (and other days) if it was still there.”
    Really Ian? It’ taken you more than 8 years to notice it was closed!

  20. I was a chef there for many years. Sorely miss the place. I’ve known of its closure since its sad last day of trading, but memories have been rekindled with it being pancake day yesterday. And yes, I still make the pancakes for my little ones, and for myself of course. No, they’re not quite a big, but I just make more :) but yes, they taste exactly the same. If I ever win the lotto, I promise all of you dph lovers a new place to go to.

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