Earth has its own website… looks pretty cheap

Earth has its own website now – you can tell you’re in the right place from the authentic Earth flag – maintained by motherly trustees and some say that today is its official birthday. Official because we don’t know the real one; Critter has a similar arrangement, his official birthday’s 28 December and so does the queen even though her real birth date is well documented.

However, the trustees are not happy and have labelled the 22 April as inauthentic; they want to keep it at 21 March. But others think 21 April is good as it will occasionally clash with Easter and help the pagans reclaim that festival.

Anyway. Either way we’re supposed to go out and celebrate the so-called natural world and deny all things manmade. Which is just plain silly! Other animals don’t get hung up over the stuff they build, so why should we? I choose an air conditioned gym with MTV over a walk in the hills anytime.

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