Easter Eggs: Chocolate Trading Company READER OFFER

Buy proper Easter Eggs from the Chocolate Trading CoIt’ll soon be Easter and that means chocolate. And the big spoiler: Easter eggs that display their wares outside of the shell. What nonsense is that?

I want to break into a nice big chocolate egg and discover the chocolate treat inside. Yet confectioners insist on putting the ‘surprise’ on display. It would be like… I don’t know… is there a real egg metaphor for this travesty? The only mainstream Easter eggs with the treat on the inside seem to be chocolate buttons and they’re nothing special. It leaves the whole thing rather hollow.

Step forward the Chocolate Trading Company. Ta da! These clever, clever people have a full range of what I call proper Easter eggs. We’re talking gourmet dark chocolate Easter eggs filled with fine assortments of rose & violet creams; superior quality, white chocolate Easter eggs, filled with an assortment of praline mini quails eggs with their speckled pastel shells and more. And they start at less than £10!

Giving any other kind of Easter egg is like giving someone an already unpacked present alongside a gift wrapped empty box. So trot along to the Chocolate Trading Company right now!

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