easyWatch… easy watch… anyone? READER OFFER: Goes well with Armani

Buy an easyWatch hereEarly in my career I worked for one of the grand old men (although not that old really, let’s call him X) of the Manchester PR scene, who’d been exiled to Stoke-on-Trent following a misfortune arising from the recession of the early 1990s.

The interview for my next career move was with someone I sort of knew and we got talking about my former boss, X, as you do. My prospective employer (let’s call him Y) had met X in a professional capacity and told me how X had been shocked to see that Y wore a cheap plastic watch. In fact Y’s watch was so very cheap that X seemed quite distressed and concerned that Y might bring the PR industry into disrepute. People might think we were all struggling financially (although, ironically, it was X who was in trouble). I pretended to agree that there was nothing wrong with wearing a cheap watch, even though watches are jewellery and Y’s was the equivalent of something you’d find in a Christmas cracker. At least X was going down in style.

Anyway. A little while ago I suggested easy4men was a silly idea. I’m not sure I was wrong, but it’s still going. On this basis there must be plenty of people who think cheap watches are okay and will be delighted to herald the arrival of easyWatch, the fifteenth ‘easy’ branded business launched by Stelios and the easyGroup in the last 10 years. easyWatch watches are made by Zeon.

If you wear a watch for purely practical reasons – perhaps you want one for sport or you just take it easy – then easyWatch, with prices starting at just £9.99 and never topping £20 (at time of writing) is for you. Some of the watches are bright easy orange, but on others easy branding is more subtle. It may be that just as Primark clothes can be combined with Prada, so an easyWatch will sit well on the arm of someone wearing an Armani suit.

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