eDiets: Tesco takes diets online for New Year: READER OFFER

Sign up to eDiets: Tesco dietsIt seems the diet stories have started early this year, thanks to King Kong director, Peter Jackson, who appears to have lost up to eight stone. Come New Year the gym will be full of newbies and the diet season will be in full swing.

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So it’s no surprise to learn that Tesco’s planning a major push for eDiets, an online diet business that also trades as Tesco Diets.

The clever thing about eDiets is that Tesco don’t prescribe any particular regime. At time of writing Tesco offer a choice of fifteen diets including the Healthy Eating Plan from Tesco. There’s the famous-for-its-red-meat Atkins diet, a range of vegetarian diets and many in between like the Med Diet and Glycaemic Index (GI) Diet. For allergy sufferers there’s a diary-free diet, a gluten free diet et cetera. There are heart-smart, cholesterol lowering and diabetes diets. The eDiets fee covers a personalised meal plan, telephone support, access to online chat rooms and fitness advice. And whatever diet you’re on, you know Tesco will be able to deliver the eDiets recommended shop.Gluten Free Diet trackereDiets: Atkins diet trackereDiets: Healthy Eating Plan trackereDiets: Med Diet trackereDiets: GI diet tracker

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