The Elements by Second Person

The first UK band to release an album (well EP) through Sellaband, Second Person are unlikely to escape inevitable comparisons with Portishead, which is not all bad; their eponymous album has never really left my personal playlist. The Elements is a concept album of five tracks inspired by the Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, but it’s not as pretentious as that makes it sound.

While Second Person don’t push any boundaries, The Elements is good quality chill out music (combine this with the concept and it’s starting to sound like those tapes they play in spa treatment rooms; but that’s a cruel thing to say) and is likely to go down well in the background at dinner parties given by people who like Morcheeba.

What’s missing from The Elements is some grit. Perhaps surprisingly, given that this is not a proper record company offering, the music is a little overproduced, a little too polished. We need some emotion, which I guess wood, fire, earth, metal and water don’t really provide.

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