EU referendum march flops

NOT a bunch of anti-EU MPs
If it wasn’t for Mathew Turner, I’d never have known there was a pro-EU Treaty Referendum march on Westminster at the weekend. Which may be just how the organisers would prefer it:

‘What a ghastly, disheartening experience. A crowd of about 500 I guess, only about half of them safe out without a minder…. tried chatting to a few… wished to God I hadn’t… “Who’d be an MP… and eat rubber chicken with people like this?”… Weakens one’s commitment to democracy, meeting the demos en masse…’
– pro-EU Treaty Referendum marcher, ‘Prodicus’

This Prodicus guy/gal’s self-awareness is almost a redeeming feature and explains why s/he’s one of those anonymous Tory bloggers; s/he expresses him/herself in the manner of a wo/man with coprolalia; particularly ironic as s/he explains that s/he’s taken the name of a philosopher keen on ‘proper use of language’.

Prodicus also mistakes the crowd of misfits above for MPs, but most are clearly Ukipers and so are unlikely to ever be elected to Westminster.

It’s good to see that despite the hysterical campaign – ‘Right-wing newspapers labelled Brown a “traitor”’ – against the EU Treaty, when push comes to shove it’s just the odd nutter with time on his hands that can be bothered to kick off.

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  1. My wife was falsely accused of theft on a school trip to France and that put her off the French for quite some time. Perhaps Derek Norman suffered a similarly unfortunate childhood trauma, but I’m not a psychiatrist and so am in no position to explain his psychosis.

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