Eurovision not so fixed

Sir Terry Wogan’s received wide support after threatening to resign from Eurovision, but I’m not so convinced. Okay the East European countries appear to vote as a bloc, but Russia’s winning entry was produced by Timbaland and you don’t get much more credible than that.

If I try really hard to get over my dislike of ballads (yes all ballads), and that he’s singing in foreign, I can see that this one is superior to the usual dross (although he does get rather carried away towards the end). As Eurovision goes, this is a superior entry and a worthy winner. Our entry was a bit ordinary.

Whinging about an Eastern bloc vote is often nonsensical, as Wogan gave away when he said, ‘Ukraine just wants to make absolutely sure the old electric and oil keeps running’. These countries don’t like each other that much.

And Ireland’s constant support for the UK is conveniently overlooked.

In truth East Europeans simply relate more easily to each others’ entries, just as the Irish relate more easily to ours and we to theirs.

(I should point out that I didn’t actually watch Eurovision last night.)

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