‘Even our future queen can get a parking ticket’

Daily Express: ‘Even our future queen can get a parking ticket’The new year may not yet be a week old, but the Daily Express is already in the running for headline of the year with ‘Even our future queen can get a parking ticket’.

To add insult to injury the low-life traffic warden, having executed his devilish republican plot, is clearly eyeing up the Royal Derrière. I say: ‘Off with his head!’

I’m sure it’s a relief to all that Hello! has it on good authority that her royal highness handled the incident with ‘good grace’ and that far from compromising her position, she emerges quite the hero: a ‘people’s queen’ if you like. And in keeping with that she’s only gone and got herself a proper job! She’s a junior buyer of trinkets for a high street chain.

Keeping a news story out the media is no easy task, so hats-off to the public relations professional who kept the royal wedding secret; but what happened to our day off work?

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