Executing Children III: Sina Paymard

19 year-old Sina Paymard faces death for a crime committed at 16Nineteen year-old Sina Paymard must be one hell of a flute player. The family of the man he killed as a sixteen year-old drug addict were so moved by his playing – with the noose around his neck – they decided he could pay them 1.5bn rials (around £78,725) instead, a hefty mark-up on the usual 350 million rials (about £18,350) for the violent death of a man (you can usually get away with killing a woman for half that).

That was last September and earlier this week he again found himself facing execution, only to be given a further ten days to find the blood money.

That’s a further ten days to politely remind Iran that it is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Those treaties outlaw the execution of children. And waiting for them to grow up is cheating.

Thanks to Amnesty International, contacting the Iranians is just a couple of mouse clicks away. Messages like this really do make a difference.
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