Express dumps Tony… but who knew they were friends?

The BBC made a big thing about the Express switching allegiance from Labour to the Tories yesterday with their Reeta Charkrabarti making out it’s big deal. Blair’s decision to have the European Constitution referendum they’d been campaigning for was the last straw. That’s bizarre in itself, but nobody who ever sees the Express could possibly think it was a pro-government paper anyway. It spends its days trying to out curmudgeon the Daily Mail with pages filled with ‘Violent Britain’ logos designed to put the wind up its aged readership.

The thing is, owner Richard Desmond is really pissed that he’s not rich enough to buy the Telegraph even after selling off most of his wank mags in an attempt to look respectable. His newspapers share printing facilities with the Telegraph and at meeting to discuss this he lost the plot. German publisher Axel Springer may buy the paper, so Desmond gave a Sieg Heil salute and ranted they’d soon be ‘owned by nazis’.

Anyway. Is Tony really going to miss his support?

One thought on “Express dumps Tony… but who knew they were friends?

  1. To tell the truth, i had never ever thought that express was anything other than a rubbish tory rag aimed at the more “refained” end of the market than the sun.

    Desmonds apalling performance only serves to underwite what an obnoxious character he is.

    The list of newspapers I will not allow in my house grows.

    ( I believe in free speech but I don’t have to listen)

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