Fancy dress costumes… Halloween… Santa Claus… party! READER OFFER

With Halloween fast approaching and Christmas soon to follow it’s time to dust off the old fancy dress costume and party.

But maybe you don’t fancy going down to the old fancy dress shop and or having a word with a friend in the local amateur dramatics society. You want to be really with it and find your fancy dress outfit online.

Well now you can, thanks to the great folks at Fancy Dress Nation. That’s right they’re setting out to get everyone dressed up fancy. They’ve got all sorts of costumes so pick your theme: Cowboys and Indians; cartoon characters; doctors and nurses; nuns and vicars; horror; the lot!

And they do all the seasonal costumes like Halloween, Santa Claus (this year, why not go for a Coca-cola red Father Christmas). If you don’t want to go the whole hog, there are fancy dress masks and accessories, like swords and guns, fake beards and moustaches, pom-poms, red noses et cetara.

I’m sure you get the idea… so for all your fancy dress needs get down to Fancy Dress Nation and party.

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