Faraz Bhatti: Manchester’s Tory

It is a great shame that Manchester is no longer a Tory-free zone. But hey, it’s only because a Lib Dem jumped ship and this sort of thing happens.

What I do find strange is that people appear to be genuinely engaging in the ‘can he keep his seat’ debate; he’s a massive personal vote, so he says. But he would say that and he needs to take sixty per cent of the Lib Dem vote with him to hold the seat, as the Tories managed an exceptionally poor fourth place in Whalley Range last time. The Lib Dem vote was up a massive 42 per cent on 2006, but it’s a huge leap to assume this is Faraz Bhatti’s personal vote… and it still isn’t enough.

Faraz Bhatti may well have a significant personal vote, but he’ll also have benefitted from anti-war sentiment and the Lib Dem’s formidable local campaign team. Those supporters won’t travel. With just 206 votes, it’s hard to believe there are many Tory activists in Whalley Range itself, so he’ll depend on outsiders.

Most likely Faraz Bhatti has his eye on a parliamentary career, possibly in Europe with fellow defector, Sajjad Karim. An ethnic minority councillor for an inner city ward provides him with a profile that will immediately excite Cameron-style Conservatives and the next general election will come before he loses his council seat in 2011. But won’t the winnable seats have been snapped up by now?

2 thoughts on “Faraz Bhatti: Manchester’s Tory

  1. Faraz’s “personal vote” is SO GONE! It is of basically leftist members of the Asian community who may have thought that he was a careerist **** and had planned to vote Labour but stuck with him on some kind of Umah basis. Flipped over at the last minute as far as I can see. In fact he is a complete **** and that is now obvious.

    **** = Tory

    John Grant is now toast which is not going to upset me all that much.

    [Note: John Grant is the remaing Lib Dem for Whalley Range and faces election in 2008.]

  2. john grant is an honest decent man. he deserves to be re-elected i fully back him and liberal democrats. Whereas Faraz Bhatti is concerned i want him gone, theres no room for tory’s in the whally range ward. It will be very interesting to see how long he’ll last will tory’s maybe he’ll move to labour then maybe green party.

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