Farewell Sex and the City

BUY or RENT Sex & the City stuff!I’d long tired of Sex and the City’s Cosmopolitan style insights into human sexuality and felt that last Friday’s end was timely. The farewell documentary was the usual celebrities talking nonsense to camera. (Heidi Klum was great; ‘I think-a, it is some-a-times a little un-a-realistic,’ she said with sincerity after a sequence in which Carrie realises she’s spent $40,000 on shoes, but has nowhere to live.) Nevertheless, by the end of the evening Katharine was in tears.

Sex and the City somehow caught the spirit of late 1990s materialistic feminism summed up by Destiny’s Child’s Independent Women. The ending – all characters settling down – could be read as a betrayal, but to see it that way would be to make the mistake of forgetting that we all grow up. So 1991 dance anthem You Got the Love (Source featuring Candi Staton) was an inspired sign-off.

Farewell Friends

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  1. stephen,
    re: why bluegrassroots is a “blue blog in a red state.” Kentucky is about as red (voted for Bush in 2000) a state as they come and bluegrassroots is devoted to getting people involved in democratic politics and issues and educating them as to the current administration’s underhanded methods of executing the law.
    thanks for checking it out, though! and i dig your blog. life of pi was one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read.

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