Farewell Six Feet Under

A belated farewell (I feel I’ve not yet made it to 2006) for Six Feet Under, an incredibly well crafted TV series that helped establish US independent HBO as a world leader for quality drama. The obituaries that made for the last episode would have been cheesy if not for the fact that it was next to impossible not to mourn for each and every character.

While European and art house screen dramas generally attempt authenticity though improvisation, the use of non-professional actors and so forth, Six Feet Under achieved that goal thanks to its high production values and incredibly good writing. So although the series took risks with its unconventional setting, sex and violence it never lost its naturalism. Over the course of six series it portrayed characters who were very much of their time and whose lives seemed to illuminate some otherwise unrecognised facets of contemporary life.
Farewell George Best

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