Farewell Tony Wilson the original modern Manc

Tony Wilson presents So I Goes in 1976

‘I used to say some people make money and some make history – which is very funny until you find you can’t afford to keep yourself alive.’
Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is dead. And despite his well publicised illness, it’s still a shock akin to the loss of John Peel. To suffer a heart attack while recovering from cancer seems particularly cruel.

Tony Wilson was Manchester’s myth maker, nourishing the city’s popular culture and giving people like me a reason to make Manchester home. He provided the intellect that rooted the city’s cultural resurgence, ensuring that the new, regenerated Manchester takes pride and builds upon its industrial heritage: all that Peter Saville encapsulated as Original-Modern.

2 thoughts on “Farewell Tony Wilson the original modern Manc

  1. It upset me too. I was a student in Manchester during the Madchester era. He’s a man I have always had a lot of time for.

    Thanks Tony for great nights out at the Hacienda – still the best club I have ever been too – and for the music too.

  2. Tony Wilson was my hero from being about 17- he made Manchester cool when frankly it was a car crash full of crap derelict buildings and dodgy night-clubs.One of the reasons I became a journalist was he made it seem, well, a fun thing to do. And well, it has been….interviewed Tony a couple of times over the years for MEN for whom I worked at height of the Hacienda days – he was far from the caricature of the Coogan film (enjoyable though it was ) . Been gutted all week.

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