Faster internet, broadband or dial-up: ONSPEED READER OFFER

Last year I ran a little advertising feature for ONSPEEDONSPEED: faster internet access or junk? – which promises faster internet for everyone. Back then it was five times faster over dial-up internet, eight times faster over mobile internet and three times faster over broadband internet. Now they boast ten times faster for dial-up users and five times faster broadband.

I went into how it works back then and I imagined it would be an intermediate technology. Eventually people would lose interest in web accelerators as they got naturally faster broadband internet connections. But it seems there’s a lot of life left in ONSPEED. It now has more than 250,000 users in the UK alone. It benefits from working over any internet connection anywhere in the world. There will always be someone stuck with a slow connection somewhere and perhaps internet connections can never be fast enough. Most importantly… ONSPEED works.
ONSPEED - The Alternative to Broadband

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