Festival Wellies

Click to see ‘Festival Wellies’ in a variety of different sizesV Festival 2006 was our first wet festival, so what were the odds of 2007 being wet too? Well high enough ‘cos this year looks like we could be well and truly soaked. ‘Chin up!’ I keep saying to Katharine, ‘you never know your luck’.

But I guess luck has run out and this year the wellies are joined by waterproofs. I’m packing sturdy walking shoes as well and will choose my weapon on arrival. The greater worry is that the car may get stuck in the mud trying to get out tonight (we commute), last year was a bit hairy as we slid around a fair bit before reaching the safety of the tarmac and this year’s been hit by a lot more water in the run up.

Ho hum!

Check out V Festival 2007 for more photos, video and comment.

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