Feudal Creep#4: Knowing our place

Prince Charles has been much misrepresented following his tirade against those who aspire to better themselves. The Daily Mail was right first time, but is wrong today. He’s not been misquoted and in isolation his memo is not without merit. But if Charles apologists (Stephen Pollard is typical) bothered to consider what the memo was a response to, they’d realise that they were speaking out of context. Elaine Day, the former employee suing the Prince, merely asked if career opportunities might be created; opportunities which would require hard work, talent and ability to exploit. His apologists overlook the prince’s own failings and claim he’s saying that the lazy, untalented and stupid can’t expect to become kings.

And it’s oh so generous to the prince. An academic failure who’s never had to work for anything, Charles knows full well that the ‘social utopianism’ he hates so much has no place for him. Things have gotten so bad for him, that any commoner with a medical professorship can slap him down. Prince Charles is arguing not that the lazy, untalented and stupid can’t expect to become kings, but that those from certain backgrounds can’t expect to be given opportunity to work to become kings, regardless of their individual talents and abilities. This is, of course, a truism of feudalism and another good reason to give Charles the chop.

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