Feudal Creep#5: Can Spielberg save Harry?

Buy Schindler’s List.The idea of Prince Harry having to watch Schindler’s List as an atonement for wearing a Nazi uniform, is the kind of backhanded complement Steven Spielberg deserves. It’s a worthy film, rendered mediocre by poor direction from someone who’s only worth watching when playing with special effects. I suspect it will leave Harry unmoved. After all, as the New York Daily News points out, ‘Prince Harry’s stunning Nazi uniform gaffe is latest in long line of the House of Windsor’s affairs with the Third Reich.’

The longer term plan is to pack him off to Sandhurst for the kind of discipline that would make his mummy faint. The problem has been that protocol demands he enter at graduate level and, despite going to one of the world’s top schools and the government’s commitment to finding a university place for at least half of our school leavers, he was not good enough for university and had to pass a sit-up test to enter Sandhurst. Now he’s on his second ‘gap year’. You get the idea: he’s very, very thick.

So it’s to easy to see how a famously stupid family might find our increasingly meritocratic and democratic world difficult to cope with.

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One thought on “Feudal Creep#5: Can Spielberg save Harry?

  1. rumour control has it that after what happened in argentina the army had decided not to take him.
    but that after the fancy dress party pressure was applied and they agreed that maybe after all they were need to sort his highness’s problems out
    he is not going to be given a rough ride on the contrary he will not be treated any differently than any of the other students
    however if he is not up to it he will not last long
    they cannot afford to have passengers where he is going
    they are also looking forward to welcoming his brother

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