Footloose: the Musical

Click to see ‘Footloose: the Musical’ in a variety of different sizesAs I write we’re indulging a late showing of Footloose the movie as a detox from Footloose: the Musical.

It was a thirteen-year-old Katharine’s first cinematic experience and so is still highly regarded in these parts. A rebellious youth from the big city finds himself in a town where dance — ‘and therefore,’ says the DVD blurb, ‘all youthful joy’ — is banned.

Sadly here we have a cheerful geek desperate to fit in. It’s safety first all the way. He doesn’t have to save the girl playing chicken with trains because she only shouts at them. Even the title tune is softened, with the heavy bass replaced with light drums.

But our expectations of musicals are probably too high. The crowd loved it. They just wanted impressive dance routines set to 80s classics. And that’s what they got.

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