For sale: Museum of Spam… one careful owner

Ian of Spinneyhead fame has discovered his blog is worth a whopping $25,404.30. This admittedly dubious calculation is based on what AOL paid to get on the blogging bandwagon by buying Weblogs Inc. Stephen Newton’s Diary of Sorts… is clearly too personal to be put up for sale. But I have had my Museum of Spam valued.

Admittedly, $3,387.24 is relatively modest, but I’m willing to consider offers in that region. The museum has a curiosity value, is very low maintenance and generates a modest income through advertising. And yet I must admit I’ve neglected it a little lately. So it may be that an enthusiast with a genuine love of spam, who was prepared to put in some extra time, could add real value to the site. You know where to find me.

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