Fortnight Club, Camden Head

The upstairs room of the Camden Head, Islington (there is a Camden Head in Camden, so don’t get confused) is a great little comedy venue. It’s what you call intimate, although it could do with its own bar.

Monday 16 March had found us hungry for laughs, but Monday nights aren’t exactly peak and we didn’t want to end up at an open mike session or pay West End prices. Time Out recommended the Fortnight Club for a value-for-money (I forget how much, but it was cheap) line-up consisting of Andre Vincent, Simon Brodkin, Milton Jones, Mary Bourke, Nathan Caton, Joe Wilkinson and MC Logan Murray as his alter-ego Ronnie Rigsby.

The pitch is that these are all headline acts that need to try out some new material. Each gets five or ten minutes, so if they flop (and some did) then it’s not so bad as someone else is bound to be quite good (and they were). Ronnie Rigsby came across as a shouty old twat to start with, but we warmed to him and he held the thing together well.

A good time was had by all. Nevertheless, given that the club is set up as a safe venue where comics may risk failure as they strive to deliver new comedy, frequent sniping at Horne and Corden’s unfunny sketch show sat uneasily with us. There was a little too much schadenfreude (and it’s the weaker acts that do it) and we were thinking: ‘Ronnie keeps saying you’re a headline act, but I’ve never heard of you and I can’t imagine that nonsense reaching the dizzying heights of BBC3.’

But that’s a little too harsh; the Fortnight Club is still recommended.

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  1. Blimey thats a co-incidence. I was sat outside the Camden Head in Islington on Monday 16th march having a quick drink before going for a meal. Nearly choked at the prices. Got a small glas of wine and a pint of London Pride and I thought I was buying a house when they told me the price.

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