Fox Hunting Ban… three years of failure

An Essex fox. Photo by Neil PhillipsAlmost every day the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association emails with news of often extreme examples of animal cruelty, surprisingly frequently connected to fox hunting… despite the apparent ban on this blood sport three years ago this week. Much of this goes relatively unreported, but news highlights have been assembled here.

Not a single hunt has disbanded and while there has been the occasional prosecution and small fine it’s reasonable to say that police have retained their role as hunt protectors. So far from retiring hunt saboteurs are reorganised into organisations like Hunt Crime Watch and are as active as ever.

Last year Tory leader David Cameron marked the ban’s second anniversary with a promise to legalise hunting as a matter of urgency. Fortunately, 73 per cent of people are against him. In the meantime, why not email your chief constable to politely ask that they do their job?
Fox photo taken in Essex by Neil Phillips. Used with permission. Some rights reserved.

14 thoughts on “Fox Hunting Ban… three years of failure

  1. Animals were put here on this earth to die for our nourishment, and at times…pleasure. People like you care more about animals than people because that is what find easiest to live with. Your strong forefathers await your weak soul. You are not a man.

  2. Wow that Oleander is obviously a member of the countryside alliance. thanks for using my photo btw :)
    Was worried it when the referring link said ‘fox hunting’ but Im more than happy if my photo helped in making folks more aware of the law breakers

  3. Thankfully people like Oleander are becoming extinct for a reason, civilised society has begun to recognise there is no place for such archaic thinking. I am a serving soldier, have been for the best part of 20 years. The things I hunt can and do shoot back, which is far more entertaining than ripping up a fox with dogs for “pleasure”. Oleander – you and your kind are the saddest creatures ever, pathetic worms the lot of you masquerading as real men.

  4. What would you anti fox hunting people rather the Police did ? Try their best to protect you against burglars,robbers,sex offenders and the like,or become game wardens to help animals,who are pests,and have to be culled somehow.Get a life,and wake up and smell the coffee.

  5. Gordon,
    My issue is not with killing, it’s about glorifying it. I am a country person – have been all my life (when I’m home anyway!)- and fully understand the REAL reasons people hunt foxes. Culling is not, as I suspect you are aware, the reason it’s done. I have friends that hunt (yes, it does cause the odd heated argument over dinner) and to a person they all say it is because of the whole social impact of being unified in a single purpose with so many other riders, the spectacle of the regalia and hounds etc. Bugger all to do with culling! If something needs to be killed, fine, kill it but do it with some dignity, not just to give a horse ride some sense of purpose.

  6. when foxes kill your livestock, think it could be your familys food, not on the table, do not talk rubbish, about your little arguments over dinner, think of normal working people. you sound like a stuck up kid. you say it loud and clear, you are a spoilt brat, who can go home anytime, and behave like a brat.

  7. Sorry dj, I don’t understand. Are you attacking me as a person or my views? For clarity, I am neither a kid nor a spoilt brat and I can go home whenever I am not posted overseas – you might notice that I do actually put my name on this post and in my first comment I mentioned I am a soldier (no, I am not a commsissioned officer who’s mummy and daddy own half of hampshire, I am a normal hard working man, loyal husband and dedicated father). What do you do for a living?

  8. Steve B…good lad !! keep up the hunt…you and your boys are doing a great job,big pat on the back. As for the um….. “country side alliance” fans…you really need to get a grip on reality…I mean come on! how can you call chasing a fox across miles and miles of farmland with a pack of underfed dogs sat on horse back looking like a tit in your tight jodhpurs and flashy velvet jacket, hunting? There is no ‘hunt’ in it!!!..Oh and Clara how do you base that view…because I can tell its not an educated one..stick to milking the fresian sweety…If its a cull, then why dont u do it properly, i.e use a real ‘hunter’, somebody who knows how to kill an animal quickly, dignified and with as minimul pain as possible. Im sure steve will agree…. 7.62mm?

  9. Thank you Rob, I’ll make sure I tell the boys of your support. We’re back out to Afghanistan in a couple of weeks so should have a nice tan for Christmas! An absurd thought that amused me – I wonder how these ” masters of foxhounds ” would fare against the Taliban and it’s allies? It tickled me, the thought of them blowing their little bugles, galloping through villages, masters of hunting that they are! Bit different hunting an armed adversary that can have a pop back. Just to balance it though, I don’t have any issue whatsoever with riding, drag hunting, true trail hunting ( not the kind that’s riddled with ” hunting accidents ” ) etc. My Wife and Daughter are both horse owners, both are very accomplished riders. My Wife drag hunts fairly regularly and has all the hunting kit and to me, yes it looks daft, but thats what they wear when they do it. I don’t imagine I look too good when I hunt the Taliban either!

    7.62mm for a fox? It would certainly do the job but I think 5.56mm would be ample! Thanks for your support Rob, although you only ever get to see the bad bits on CNN, there’s a lot of good work being done out there.


  10. I don’t see whats so good about seeing an animal being torn limb from limb anyway, of course the hunts people will try and justify it it’s a pleasure for sick minded people who will refuse to hunt anything that might have a pop back. Cowards is a word that springs to mind for people that kill defenceless animals.

  11. so people are cowards when they go out and hunt to feed there familys. yeah i don’t get the point of hunting with dogs. be better to take them with a gun and kill them quick. so i guess im a coward for keep control of animals that could probably have your pet in its mouth. Hmmm ill leave it at that.

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