French Connection: ‘fashion Vs style’… let’s not be hasty!

French Connection ‘fashion Vs style’French Connection’s new ‘fashion Vs style’ ad has already provoked the predictable raft of complaints. But it’s not the violence that has got viewers’ hackles up, it’s the lesbian kiss near the end. Subsequently, I’m not re-publishing that offensive image here, but I have nicked a grab of the less offensive attempted suffocation by boobie. Nasty.

It reminds me of a time when I was helping to export a tacky bar concept from Blackpool to the rest of the UK. This required a night out in Cardiff (coincidently the nearest city to my parents) checking out the competition prior to opening just off Queens Street. Here we were to witness three cat fights in three different bars. These weren’t as well choreographed as French Connection’s ‘fashion Vs style’. In general, the aim of each bout was to pull as much of the opponent’s hair out as possible. Nevertheless, I’m also reminded of the Little Britain sketch where Rob Brydon was asked if his fighting wife and ex-wife, Bubbles and Desiree, should be separated… ‘let’s not be hasty’.

2 thoughts on “French Connection: ‘fashion Vs style’… let’s not be hasty!

  1. Yes, I saw that story. Too many moves the same for FCUK not to be ‘inspired by’. But Groovecutters is just one of a number of videos featuring cat fights (Junior Jack Stupid Disco). It’s becoming a dance video cliche, like all the hip-hop/R&B videos featuring loads of bikini clad women desperate for the ugly bloke.

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