Gelli Baff READER OFFER: Neither bubble bath nor jelly bath

Buy Gelli Baff from iwantiwant.comWhy on Earth would anybody choose to have a bath (or even a bubble bath) when they can have a Gelli Baff (available now from I want I want; or iwantiwant as the more insistent child might have it)? Gelli Baff is one of those US crazes that’s storming across the Atlantic to revolutionise your children’s bath time. But hey! Why let the kids have all the fun. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a Gelli Baff yourself… and best of all the genii behind it all says Gelli Baff won’t stain your clothes, carpets or towels.

Those clever people at Gelicity Skin Technology have a taken a substance similar to that found in disposable nappies, added some colour (heck! Buy Gelli Baff in four colours!) and wow… a Gelli Baff powder that holds 400 times its own weight in water and turns your kids bath into a playtime goo. As soon as they’ve had enough, chuck in the Gelli Baff dissolver to set them free and throw some bubble bath into the mix. They’ll be in there for hours!

Gelli Baff is set to be so popular that you need to buy Gelli Bath now or spend whole evenings persuading the kids it’s cool to relax in a Radox bath. Stock up before they sell out!
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