Gemma Atkinson in Ulitmo: READER OFFER

Buy Gemma Atkinson’ Ultimo lingeriePictures of Gemma Atkinson in Ultimo are easily available at the Daily Mail, which spends good money on photos of her working out, showering and the rest. It’s this soft porn – stars like Hollyoak’s Gemma Atkinson semi-naked, nude or topless – that keeps the Daily Mail’s circulation up; two photos of this pole dancer on GMTV are required to get across the outrage felt by right-thinking people. (The only one who takes its politics seriously, sadly, is Gordon Brown.)

Anyway. If you’re thinking ‘phoaahh!’, I wish I / my girlfriend / my wife looked like Gemma Atkinson in Ultimo, you’ll be wanting to get yourself over to Figleaves, where Ultimo is in stock right now. But Gemma Atkinson’s Ultimo is only for bras sized D to G, if you have a more modest requirement check out what Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding has to offer… phoaahh!

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