Georgina Bowman… throw away the script!

While Carol Kirkwood remains the most irritating person on television, I do wonder if Georgina Bowman (or ‘GEORGE!-inabow-MAN!’, as she might call herself) is the most irritating broadcaster. She’s got this truly terrible habit of emphasising random syllables in news reports. And it’s infections with almost all the other female (sorry!) newsreaders on Radio 1’s Newsbeat following her lead.

Anyway. I think I may have come across an audition tape from Georgina’s interview for radio, which includes this reading of a famous nursery rhyme:

‘MAIR!-ree-had-a-li-TALL!-lamb / Its-fleece-WAS!-white-AS!-snow / And-ev-ERY!-wa-AIR!-that-mair-REE!-went / The-LAMB!-was-shh-URE!-to-go’

Yet Georgina Bowman appears to be quite a senior newsreader, tending to take the bigger stories, so I was a little surprised when she ended up doing some entertainment news a couple of weeks ago. Finding herself at the Loaded Laftas, she admitted to not having heard of Channel 4’s Peep Show or BBC Three’s Smoking Room, both of which won (pretty poor for an entertainment correspondent on a youth-orientated radio station).

But joy-of-joys, she had no script and freed of the tortures of the written word actually spoke normally. And this week Georgina Bowman has stepped in for Dominic Byrne on Chris Moyles and, finding herself taking part in the odd unscripted exchange, has again revealed an ability to speak normally. So come on Georgina Bowman; throw away the script and tell us what you know!

3 thoughts on “Georgina Bowman… throw away the script!

  1. This womans voice simply eats away at my soul. The most smug voice imaginable.

  2. Agree 100%.

    I find a lot of BBC news people are heading down that road. They fumble over the script as if there’s not much going on up top.

    Sara Blizzard the weather person and Natalie Jackson (sport) on East Midlands today spring to mind as examples.

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