Getting the Indy past the BNP

Doing favours for journalists comes easy to me, but the latest was a little unusual. To be fair the Independent’s diary, Pandora, can be more than a little disparaging towards fringe parties of the right and it looks like the British National Party may have locked them out of their website (by IP address I assume). Not an insomnia inducing state for the poor old hacks, but it did mean they needed someone to cut and paste the latest BNP press release into an e-mail. The BNP’s six reasons to be cheerful about Kilroy-Silk’s Veritas actually starts off reasonably enough; ‘the longer term prospects for Kilroy-Silk’s one man band do not look promising… any and every high-profile discussion of “race” serves to legitimise our message and move us towards the mainstream’. Then we get some paranoia about Veritas being an MI5 front etc. Nevertheless, it’s given Pandora cause to upgrade Kilroy from ‘harmless political freak show’ and swipe the BNP with the news ‘it could be seriously damaged by the rise of Orange Gob’.

I’m a BT Internet subscriber, by the way, so if the BNP wish to stop their press releases reaching the press in future, that’s the ISP to ban… go on, I dare you… ban us all!

One thought on “Getting the Indy past the BNP

  1. Right on!

    Although I have a list of most UK national parties in my UK Politics blogroll, that’s one party I don’t link to – it’s easy enough to find for those so inclined. I visit only when I’m feeling unusually soporific and feel my blood pressure needs a bit of a boost – LOL.

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