Gillette Fusion Power

Click to see ‘Gillette Fusion Power’ in a variety of different sizesFor too long I have suffered the inadequacies of a razor with just three blades, but no longer. The Gillette Fusion Power has five blades plus one.

The first shaves me close, the second closer, the third closer still, the fourth yet closer and the fifth… well you get the idea.

So many blades on one head does not come without problems, so the plus one mounted on the back is for precision shaving, under the nose and sideburns. And the whole construction vibrates so I hardly feel anything. I reckon you could shave someone in their sleep so light is this razor’s touch.

But the question that nags is: ‘when is it time to change the cartrige?’

These things aren’t cheap. A razor that told you when it was blunt would be an innovation worth paying for: toothbrush heads tell you when they need changing so why not razors?

This posted via mobile via Flickr. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

6 thoughts on “Gillette Fusion Power

  1. dear stephen,

    at £2-£2.50 per replacement cartridge, the answer should be ‘rarely’!!! You should change the cartridge when you feel it ‘dragging’, or when the ‘indicator’ strip (patented) changes colour from all blue to all white.

    If you use Fusion with King of Shaves shaving oil or serum, you’ll have the added benefit of a coating of oil/serum left on the blades post shaving, which slow down the oxidation of the metal, which leads to blunting.

    Hope of help,

    Will King
    Founder, King of Shaves

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  3. Thanks for in info,,,i am now going and buying one of these,,i have the mach3 power,,looks like it’s time to upgrade :-)

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