Girls Aloud Barbie dolls: art imitating… art?

Girls Aloud, pictured right, are to be immortalised (or something like that) as Barbie-style Dolls. I say ‘Barbie-style’ as Barbie is Barbie and will always be a busty blue-eyed blonde. Girls Aloud will merely be her friends.

Barbie is, of course, the inspiration for much of the girl’s fashion and so Barbie’s design team won’t have to work that hard. But that’s not what winds me up when their videos come on at the gym, nor is it their biological determinism (The way that we talk / The way that we walk / So easily caught / You can’t mistake my biology). And I never subscribed to the idea that Nicola’s ugly just because she’s a redhead: nothing wrong with a bit of ginger. It’s the way everything they do sounds like it belongs in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.
UPDATE: You may buy Girls Aloud Barbie Dolls on eBay. No need to take part in an auction; look for the ‘Buy it now’ logo.
Girls Aloud Barbie Dolls remain difficult to obtain. Check this page for updates on online retailers offering the dolls.

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