Glasgow Rangers enliven Manchester

Glasgow Rangers enliven Manchester

It was great to spend a little time wandering around Manchester city centre earlier this evening to witness Glasgow Rangers invasion of the city.

A better party atmosphere would be hard to find anywhere, the crowd, estimated at 100,000 in all, most pleasantly drunk. (Those pesky rules that stop you drinking in the street are not being enforced, so everyone can relax.)

The city is set to make £25 million. I reckon we should host one of these every week.

Apparently, Manchester’s twinned with St. Petersburg who’ve sent 14,000 fans, so we should be cheering them on, but I don’t care either way. Football bores me, but it would be sad to see the Rangers fans go home deflated.
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  1. Sad to see events turn for worse, but I won’t be changing the comment above. Manchester Confidential gets it all about right. Given that we now estimate 200,000 fans it’s perhaps inevitable that small proportion who kick off when things go wrong turns out to be a fair sized crowd. But we shouldn’t be put off hosting events like this in future and the rubbish is soon cleared from the streets.

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