Hold up GMTV’s Kate Garraway: you’re supposed to turn your head!

Kate Garroway makes a suspicious draw on GMTVPerhaps the only people foolish enough to get a GMTV phone-in question wrong (e.g. ‘Who lived in Sherwood Forest? A Robin Hood B Shrek C Peter Pan’*) were the people who thought it was worth £1.80 a time to enter. It’s a scarily large number: 25,000 raising £45,000 each day.

But it’s not just the phone-in side that looks dodgy. Check out Kate Garraway picking the short listed out of a hat. She’s quite blatantly looking at the entries before choosing the winner. I’m not saying she’s looking for the name of a mate, but shouldn’t she turn her head away and at least put on a show of picking a winner at random?
*Answer: Robin Hood, stupid.

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