Goat Trauma: I’m a survivor

Goat TraumaOver at New Links, they’re suggesting goat trauma is a joke. They’d feel differently if they’d had any real experience of the evil beasts. It’s no accident that Pan, one of the devil’s many manifestations is a goat. I first met a goat aged about 11 on a school trip to the Isle of Wight. We went to what this American foundation calls a ‘petting zoo’ and what we Brits might call a ‘city zoo’ (even though it wasn’t in a city), where we city children (I was a Londoner at the time) could stroke (or pet) farm type animals. It’s all aimed at perpetuating the myth that the country is better than the urban environment.

Anyway. One of the little bastards chose to launch a totally unprovoked and most viscous charge that knocked me clean off my feet and left me grazed and bruised. But I didn’t cry. He followed through with the kind of trample you can read about on the website. Look into the red eyes of the goat on the logo and see the truth.

5 thoughts on “Goat Trauma: I’m a survivor

  1. My family used to keep goats. They were lovely creatures, so much more intelligent than sheep (we had one that could escape from its pen no matter how we secured the door.)
    I had a potentially bad experience when a billy we had on loan decided it was going to scare me. When it reared up on its hind legs it was about twice my height. It came back down and stared at me, expecting me to run away. So I punched it.
    Never bothered me again after that.

  2. I once helped deliver a baby goat. It was a revolting experience. So I suppose I’m part-responsible for bringing another one into the world. Sorry about that.

  3. Once I was petting zoo when a vicious!!! goat walked in to my direction. I stuck my hand out to feed it some absolutly delicious goat food. The goat suddenly attacked me for no reason!!IT was a beyond frighting experience. I suffer from severe goat trama!! Its really hard to live with but each day im getting better!

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