God to get real with Priest Idol

With a Yorkshire church’s congregation dropping to single figures, the Bishop of Wakefield is welcoming Channel 4’s Priest Idol as ‘a gift’. What with less than half of Britons having always believed and all that squirming we did that time Jeremy Paxman embarrassed Blair into denying he prayed with Bush, I can understand the bishops’ desperation.

Stateside, MSNBC reckons god’s a critical factor in the elections, while in England religion’s something you practice behind closed doors. What’s the point, British Christians say, in employing the queen to defend the faith and then praying yourself? We Britons tend to look in such dismay at those who practice a faith, that Prince Charles has come up with a novel solution: he’ll defend all faiths, so that Muslims, Jews etc, won’t have to bother with god either. After all, reasons the heir to the throne and leadership of Anglicans the world over, all religions are the same, aren’t they?

Anyway. The Priest Idol’s sure to have his work cut out.

2 thoughts on “God to get real with Priest Idol

  1. To be honest I wrote this when it was first announced in the trade press and didn’t realise it had made it on to screen, so I haven’t seen it at all. Then ‘Priest Idol’ was just a working title.

    The links are actually paid-for advertisements I don’t control. But I hope you find them useful.

  2. Thought this Priest Idol series was excellent, did you see all of it? Thought the young American priest was full of humility. Loved him getting lessons from the comedian on how to deliver his message. The comedian did it excellently too! Great to see the “elders” of the church eventually concede that change was needed to encourage new people to try church and then hopefully God for themselves! I like your links (God loves you) and to Christianity Today.

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