Gordon Brown’s courtship of Paul Dacre can only end in tears

Gordon Brown does seem to enjoy taking Sunday lunch with Paul Dacre editor of the Daily Mail, a courtship that can only end in tears.

Today Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail continues its obsession with the latest bra technology (‘Dare to bare with the best miracle underwear’) and is the place to go for tips on pulling at the office party. ‘You must always bear in mind the fine line between expressing sexual interest and getting yourself sacked,’ warns the Daily Mail, illustrating the point with the image of a short skirted blonde mounting the office stud (click to ENLARGE!).

As red top tabloids like the Sun have cut back on paparazzi pictures cheap celebrity snaps, like up skirts of Paris Hilton, continue to be the main drivers of circulation for the Daily Mail. Dacre’s use of soft porn and mock moralising, for example over the appearance of a pole dancer on GMTV, wouldn’t matter if nobody took it seriously. But it seems that Gordon Brown does.

As if this moral bankruptcy wasn’t enough, the Daily Mail’s extreme right politics have no place in contemporary Britain. It will never be a liberal, let alone social democratic or socialist organ.

Gordon Brown’s desire to rule by consensus in a government of all the talents is all very well. But just as Sir Digby Jones will surely stab him in the back when he feels the time is right, so this friendship with Paul Dacre will end in tears.

Courting the Daily Mail only massages its ego and will enable soft pornographer Paul Dacre to continue to kid himself that he represents the country’s moral conscience. Rather than toning down his rhetoric, his politics are most likely to become more acerbic and hysterically expressed.

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