Grand Canyon, Arizona


If ever there was a must-do holiday excursion, the Grand Canyon, Arizona must be it. And there is no shortage of people aching to take you there be it to get married, drink champagne in a wigwam or whatever.

We opted to fly from Las Vegas on a small fixed wing plane, drop down to the canyon floor by helicopter, take a boat along the Colorado River, helicopter back up and then take a coach trip around the sites with All Las Vegas Tours. All incredible value at just $289.99 each (and they throw in lunch). Other options include driving off road in a Hummer through a 1,000 year old Joshua Tree forest, but that seemed a little excessive.

The Grand Canyon itself was snow capped when we turned up, which made it all the prettier and there are fly-bys of Boulder City and the Hoover Dam, which provides Las Vegas with its emission free electricity.

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon, Arizona

  1. Went there last year… fantastic. Took the helicopter from Vegas and returned just as the City was lighting up. Not exactly good for the old carbon footprint, but man, what a memory!

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