Greg Barker MP: old fashioned Tory hypocrite


‘This is obviously a personal tragedy for Mrs Barker and her two children. That is the most important aspect of this news.’

Conservatives have a breathtaking ability to demand privacy when scandal breaks, despite a track record in legislating for others’ lifestyles. That Tory MP and shadow environment secretary Greg Barker has left his wife for another man is indeed a personal tragedy, but more important is Barker’s hypocrisy. As the Mirror pointed out as it broke the news: ‘Barker has voted against gay-friendly legislation’ (though, to be fair, not civil partnerships).

It is a personal tragedy that Greg Barker has taken the line he has against the background of a losing battle with his own sexuality. But more importantly, that his public homophobia may be an extension of this private battle is a civic tragedy.

If Conservatives had to live by the morality they seek to impose on others, there would be far fewer Conservatives.

2 thoughts on “Greg Barker MP: old fashioned Tory hypocrite

  1. Never mind the gay sex. What the British newspapers aren’t telling you is the story about Greg Barker MP and his mysterious Russian business connections.
    Read my article in the “Hastings Trawler’ earlier this year.
    The media dont mind if he screws the public but when it comes to his boyfriend, well that’s another matter.

  2. Greg Barker is an old public school boy and therefore no suprise he is a typical tory. It is not for us to critisise his personal life as that is a matter of his own after all he is not at all distant from his family and are in some ways still a very close community. We must respect that and what he is doing in his post as shadow environmrnt minister.

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