Guardian & Pvt. Lynndie England make for busy blog weekend… hi weirdoes!

That mention in the Guardian was certainly good for business, but what really clocked up the hits this weekend was coming in the Google top ten search results for ‘Lynndie R England’. The additional search words – I know you know them – seem to support my assertion that people cannot easily suppress their dark sides. (Hi weirdoes!)

If you can legitimately work phrases like ‘Lynndie England fuck video’ into your blog, you’ll get a lot of hits. And they don’t leave nasty comments ’cos they’re soooo embarrassed.

But seriously… the US continues to disappoint with the prospect that courts martial may be televised (not even normal stateside). Alongside the alleged refusal to provide lawyers to the accused, it looks like the Iraqis are on for a summer of show trials designed to instil democratic values. At least Blair’s avoided that trap by emphasising that British troops will be punished by the rules
A fair trial for Private Lynndie R. England……Myth of moral superiority

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